This is by far the most beautiful theatre/venue/building in my opinion. The Opera Garnier in Paris is so inspiring and incredible to look at. My absolute favourite is the ceiling painting by Marc Chagall. Just wow โค ๐Ÿ™‚

Characters !

What fascinates me the most about illustration/comics is the creations of characters. When a small sketch starts having a life of its own and becomes a character with a certain look and unique personality is pretty awesome. That’s why I’ve always admired and tried to find ย model sheets which are sort of like character maps showing each character’s different expressions and look and almost guiding you to draw them.

Recently I’ve came across many model sheets of some of my most favourite characters ever so I’ve pinned them all here


With huge respect, admiration and thanks to all the wonderful artists who created, drawn, designed and gave life to all these incredible characters. All these unique comics/cartoon characters and personalities have over the years become like friends to me.

Maurice Sendak

Today I decided to look (once again) at the work of Maurice Sendak. His illustrations are truly inspiring. ย His quote about refusing to lie to children always comes to my mind every time I see his drawings and characters. I can’t help but think that this honesty of his is part of what makes his work so special.

Here are some of my most favourite illustrations by Maurice Sendak

Classic Illustration

Overtime I discover new illustrations that I admire I just have to blog about them. Today I came across the incredible work of Ilon Wikland who illustrated some of Astrid Lindgren’s most famous stories.

Amazing, cosy and heartwarming illustrations!