Inspiration: Margaret Tempest

This post is about the incredible illustrator Margaret Mary Tempest. I simply adore her work. It’s classic and elegant and really heartwarming. There is a site with lots of info about her work HERE

Check out some of her wonderful illustrations, they’ll sure make you smile

Paris of Doisneau

There is no doubt that Paris is such a beautiful city. I’ve always loved looking at photos of it, especially the black and white ones. That’s how I discovered the work of iconic photographer Robert Doisneau. His photos are truly special! Not just because they show us a fascinating place but most importantly because they so effortlessly tell a story. Sometimes looking at them feels in a way like watching a scene from a film. Only difference is that there are no actors and movie sets in these photos but real people and parts of everyday life.

Take a look!

Inspiration: Shirley Hughes

Been looking a lot at Shirley Hughes illustrations these past few days. There’s no doubt about it, they’re truly incredible. Heartwarming but not too sweet with such an excellent sense of storytelling. A real joy to look at. Here are some of my favorites